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Magic Color, Oblivion Grey, Hugo Arts

Magic Color, Oblivion Grey, Hugo Arts

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Magic color is a Korean colored contact lenses manufactured by the best technology in the world to keep your eyes healthy and with best raw materials and color choices for the latest fashions. Features of Magic Color lenses: Colored contact lenses Soft contact lenses Comfortable Suitable for working out Irritation-free Suitable for one month Moisture-retaining Allow oxygen into eyes to keep them healthy How to enhance Magic Color Oblivion Grey lenses: Use orange hues: Using warm orange eyeshadow tones such as salmon and peach can enhance your lenses and bring out the green and blue undertones in the lenses. Using purple hues: Such as fuchsia and lilac can bring out the gorgeous green undertones in these Magic Color lenses. How to care for Magic Color lenses: Wash and dry your hands before handling the lenses Keep your lenses in solution when you are not wearing them Clean your lenses regularly Make sure you clean your lenses if they touch any surface or if they fall on the ground Do not use tap water to clean your Magic Color lenses Always use new contact lens cleaning solution


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